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  1. verity

    What's better than being in Japan? Getting an Iaido lesson from a master IN Japan....

    So over the summer the wife and I got the chance to spend a day with an Iaido master getting lessons. Additionally, we had a tatami cutting session with a 400 year old Gifu blade. We had a blast! Thought I should share the spoils with you all!
  2. verity

    Wall o' lethal beauty

    Cuz the name seems fitting. First we have the "plan": Next we have the beginnings of the implementation of said plan: Thought I would share. :D
  3. verity

    Reproduction katana care.

    This post is intended to cover reproduction katana. Monosteel, or pattern weld. This post is NOT intended to be used for nihonto, gendaito, shinsakuto etc. please refer to my nihonto care post for that. So. I think a lot of people overthink blade care for modern swords. When you buy that fancy...
  4. verity

    Nihonto Care.... the RIGHT way in the modern world

    Alright. I'm going to post this in the hopes that folks leave the antiquated ways of nihonto care behind. This post may be controversial to some, but should come as no shock to those familiar with the nihonto world and its emerging practices. Caveat emptor: this post is NOT intended to be...
  5. verity

    The age old question: how do I display my Japanese swords?

    Alright, so you've heard all sorts of stories... some true some wild fantasy. I'm here to dispel what is false and what is true when it comes to displaying your precious Japanese blades. let's begin with a caveat emptor: they are your swords and you display them how you want. What follows is...
  6. verity

    Verity's Armoury

    Let's kick this collection area off right! Here is the Japanese-specific portion of my collection. Enjoy! Antiques Osafune Masamitsu Tachi. Signed "Bishu Osafune Masamitsu" and dated 1390 AD by the famous Bizen smith Osafune Masamitsu. Masamitsu was one of the greatest students of Osafune...
  7. verity

    Trust nothing outside yourself...

    Hey all, thought I would say hi! looking forward to seeing this forum grow!