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Aug 23, 2018
I'll kick it off.

Sriracha cured, mesquite smoked pork loin

1 pork loin (rib cut) w generous fat cap
Sriracha spices
Salt (1/4 cuo)
Sugar (dark brown 1/4 cup)
Italian seasoning.

Brine: mix 1L water w salt and sugar, spices to taste.
Smash garlic and add to brine.

Trim and score the fat cap on the loin. Rub and set aside. Let sit for 1 hour w heavy rub of spices.
Place in brine in airtight bag removing as much air as you can.
Refrige overnight or up to 2 days (longer and you'd need more salt and sugar).
Remove, wash, rub down w spices again.

Prep smoker for initial searing at 350.
Place wood on standby (do not add wood until meat is in there).
Fill water pan and add meat after a few minutes of 350 degree heat. Add woodbox.
After 15 min drop the temp to 250
Grab beer and drink.
After 15 min refill beer a few times drop temp to 210
Putter around yard occasionally filling the water tray 4 to 6 hrs or until the meat is starting to fall apart when poked.

You have enough time to assemble and start soaking three or four pool noodle and newspaper ronin.

Let your meat rest off grill in a sealed parchment or foil bag to reabsorb the dissolved connective tissues. Serve only after a half hour has passed.

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Aug 27, 2018
Thanks for posting this. Sounds absolutely delicious, like you're doing luau pig or cochinita pibil, without the pit. For a change, you might try substituting extra-hot Indian pickle (mixed, mango, whatever, if it's the authentic oil-based with some vinegar, it doesn't matter) and real Thai chili-and-garlic sauce (such as Mae Ploy) mixed together in place of the Sriracha, a strong curry powder in place of the Italian spices, double up the garlic, and see what happens.